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Last Thursday, the day after the night crawler 5 mike race, was a “crosstraining/off” day on my plan, so as on several similar occasions i went fossil hunting.  This time I took my nature adoring girlfriend along, and she proved most helpful at pointing out thing I’d have otherwise missed.  I’m afraid the photos don’t really do their subjects any justice.

Here's a large, beautiful fossil sample that was too large to move

My Girlfriend took home with her a couple of the best samples collected that day

Etobicoke Creek is a reputable place to find a variety of fossils

...and she pointed out a heron accross the river as we walked home!

Now I’ve got a small plastic bucket of fossils to spend some leisure time identifying.


[Update: we’re now up and running!]
Remember back when websites not ready to go live were uploaded anyway and just marked “under construction”, then given cute little graphics of construction workers, etc.?  Well, consider this post fashionably retro.  There’ll be something more interesting here soon.